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Hack specifications for Android:

Show the enemy: Know the locations of the enemies around you and at a distance of 400 meters, know their distances, their health counter and the number of their groups.
The Empot: Aim, Fix, Shoot! ... Fix the enemy firing and choose the target area for the head, chest or body.
Show vehicles: You don't need to search for a long time on a vehicle to get out of the zone, you will see all the vehicles
360 ° enemy warning: no one can penetrate you! Nobody can sneak behind you, all enemies' locations and directions will be shown to you
Show Enemy Chests: How many times have you searched for an enemy chest that you killed but did not find? Not anymore! … You will not miss any enemy chest, you will see the position and distance indication of the boxes at a distance of 400 meters
Show Trail Boxes: Never miss a Trail Box anymore! ... whether the plane shot it down immediately or was shot down at the start of the game. You will see the direction and distance indicator of the plane and the route box
Activating and locking features: Do you prefer to lock or activate some features? You can do this through the settings
In-game features list: There is no need to exit the game to modify or close any of the features. This can be done through the list of features shown in front of you inside the game.
The code is only for Android, and if it was purchased for any other type, the amounts paid are not refunded

Note: A rooted device is required

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