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The Order Will Be in process and will not be completed Except To Do AS Video (So Please After You Place Order Do The Video)

الطلب سوف يكون معلق لتقوم بعمل الفيديو من هنا رجاء قم بعمل الفيديو بعد طلب الخدمة 

Which iPhones Menu Are Open/Activated & Find My IPhone is: ON Supported Only

After Completed: Find My IPhone OFF

All iOS: Supported

Clean / Lost: Supported



1: Open 3uTool & Copy Your Device UDID From There

2: Place Order imei + udid On Server


2: Follow This Video, it Will Show You, How To Prepare Your Device After you order. ( VIDEO LINK )


Make Sure Follow STEPS EXACTLY Like in This Video. If You Do Something Wrong & Your Device is LOST CAN BE ERASED or LOCKED by Apple.


3: After You Follow Video Properly , you need to go to icloud Storage menu, You Will Get Reply From Server ( FMI OFF Done )


You Can Restore Your Device For Remove iCloud Account , Enjoy

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